MicroMonitor MM3: Microminiature Data Logger

MM3, the smallest data logger with its sensational miniature size of 30x20x2mm only, is one of the smartest systems, offering exceptional high performance for mobile measurement and control.

- Autonomous, Programmable Instrument
16bit RISC Single-Chip Microcontroller
- 64MB Memory (up to 256MB)
- 16 Analog Inputs 12bit and Digital I/O
- Sample Rate up to 100kHz cont., 300kHz max
- Online Data Logging & Processing incl.
- Trigger, Alarm, Control, Trend,-Histogram, etc.
- Power Save Mode, Working for weeks'
- Wireless. IRDA, Hf-Link, Bluetooth
- RS232 PC-Interface, Software Compatible

Agricultural, Biological, Chemical, Current, Data, ECG, Energy, Force, Flow, Impedance, Humidity, Light, Movement, Medical, Particles, pH, Pressure, Resistance, Respiration, Shock, Speed, Strain, Stress, Temperature, Tilt, Time, Triangle, Voltage, etc, etc. …

…Aeronautics, Automotive, Computer-interface, Environment-Recording, Front-End-Processing, Long-time Monitoring, Medicine, Mobile Measurements, Patient Monitoring, Process-Control, Soft-Chart-Recorder, Sport, Transportation, …etc.

email: info@micromonitor.de